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It’s time to Go Green

We know you love the Maronda Green, but how about Going Green for the economy

There is no need to be a tree huger or a hippie, but being a contributing part to making the world better is something we all can do. Making small changes in your life to Go Green is not difficult or extreme, it is smart and necessary for our world to survive. So your just purchased your new Maronda Home and your ready for a clean start, where to begin? Here are some small changes you and your family can make together to bring the green back into your life.

I bet you never thought eating locally was going green? By endorsing local farmers and farmer markets, you can reduce your footprint. How? Well, buying from local suppliers reduces the travel time from farm to grocery store and overall does not support the massive farms of hormone educed animals.

We all know a lot of electricity comes from the coal burning power plants, which is the number one source of air pollution. How can we change this? Wind and solar power is now classified as Greentags, jumping on board with this trend is very important to helping change the way you light your home. Maybe now you will think twice before leaving all of the lamps on when you leave!

One of the most common ways to change your bad habits could be as simple as riding a bike! Carpooling, bike rides, public transportation or even walking can tremendously change your footprint in this world. With all of the carbon dioxide and oil  and gas emissions that come from your vehicle daily, you should definitely reconsidered your daily travels.

Throwing away your trash doesn’t mean it vanishes…it has to go somewhere. Landfills are piling up all across the world. Every single thing put into a garbage can has to end up somewhere. So why not think about what we are tossing away and really try to reuse and recycle what we can.

There are endless opportunities to change the way our life will be in the future…let’s start now!