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Ways to Save on your Energy Bill

Ways to save on your Energy Bill

As summer heats up and winter is approaching, here are some tips to keep those energy bills in line.

Programmable Thermostat– Invest in a programmable thermostat that regulates the temperature of your home based on your schedule. This can save you almost $180 every year in energy cost. This is ideal for people who are away from the home during the day throughout the week. Your other option would be a thermostat that automatically controls itself such as a Nest thermostat. We offer this product in Maronda Homes based on its track record of excellence. The Nest product learns what temperature you like and builds a personalized schedule. You can also make any adjustments to temperature through your smartphone.

Appliances– Choose ENERGY STAR rated appliances. These appliances use half of the energy as the older versions. They also help reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses and air pollutants. You will also find improved quality and durability which will result in fewer mechanical problems and longer equipment life. Most ENERGY STAR appliances will cost you more upfront but save you money in the long run.

Avoid Vampire Energy Cost– Vampire power is energy used by products when they are turned off but still plugged into a wall outlet. The devices causing this waste are referred to as energy vampires. An average household spends $100 per year to power devices that are off. Try powers strips as central turn off points and make sure to unplug your chargers. These are drawing energy even when they are not in use.

Invest in energy efficient light bulbs– Lighting has changed dramatically over the years. The latest trend is LED lights and they are incredibly efficient. They use on average about 85% less energy than a regular light bulb. While these bulbs are more expensive and can last up to 20 years. Plus, you can take the energy savers with you when you move!
Replace your shower head- An energy-saving shower head uses less water, they are designed to provide strong water flow, ensuring a great shower experience. They reduce the amount of water that flows from the shower head to conserve hot water and save energy. Water heating is the second biggest contributor to home energy bills, and showers typically account for most of a family’s hot water use. Installing energy-saving efficient shower heads is one of the most affordable and effective ways to reduce energy and water bills and conserve water.

Take advantage of technology and you can lower your utility bills and save energy with just a few small steps.

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