Home Building Tips

Building a New Home? It’s Easy with These Tips

Tips for Building Your New Dream Home

Building a new home can be stressful, but planning your steps will make building a pain-free experience.

As a nationally recognized new home builder, Maronda Homes understands every question and concern you might have while building your home. Here are some tips from our many happy homeowners to keep in mind when building your new home:

  1. Set a Budget

    No matter what state you build in, finding a home that fits your budget comfortably is one of the most import aspects of new home building. Nobody wants buyer’s remorse. This is a big event in your life and should be happy and exciting time.  Sticking to a budget allows you to achieve your dreams without breaking the bank. Specifically, here at Maronda we’ve built a reputation on affordable luxury…and 40 years later we are still building dreams that meet all sorts of budgets.

  2. Get an Advisor

    Getting an adviser doesn’t mean hiring a high-priced lawyer or accountant, this means finding a trusted friend. When building your new home, it seems like everyone has their own opinion of what you should do. Speaking to a friend who is knowledgeable of the  building industry, has built a new home or even one that has moved recently would be more beneficially then listening to the critics.

  3. Know the Selection Schedule

    Being prepared for your selection with your onsite representative is always important. Take a few deep breaths and a clear conversation between you and your partner prior to the deadline will smooth any obstacle out. It might be helpful to discuss color or materials that you both like prior to the selection meeting.  Watching DIY shows or browsing magazines can give you some inspiration of the “look” you like.

  4. Communicate

    At Maronda, we pride ourselves in our strong and efficient forms of communication. Expressing any concerns, thoughts or even compliments are always welcome because we want to produce the best product for you.

  5. Milestones

    Especially for first time builders, this can be a very unique and exciting experience…I mean you are building the home you’ve always wanted. Celebrate the little things, not just the finished product. Embracing the baby steps and learning about the home building process as it is created can be fun and informative, especially for any future ventures.  May we suggest a “they just framed our roof celebration dinner” or “drywall is hung ice cream party” with the kids?

These tips might seem like common sense, but in the heat of the moment, days go by quick, many loose track of time and details are overlooked. That is why taking a deep breath and jumping into the process with an open and organized mind will make everything easier.

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