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Buying a Home with Your Partner or Roommate

Anyone can find the perfect home with Maronda

Not everyone is your traditional nuclear family from the 1950’s. As the world is growing into a diverse melting pot of families, anyone can be home a new home owner. With a growing celebration of same-sex marriages, partners or even just having a roommate, living in any Maronda Homes community will appreciate your lifestyle.

In a study from 2013, the largest LGBT study ever conducted, surveyed nearly 16,000 people. The results produced and proved that same-sex couples have an outstanding amount of knowledge and finesse about researching home buying and how they actively engage in technology.

Let me put it in perspective for you. Here are the 2012 buying power figures for the top four niche segments, including LGBT:

  • Hispanic American: $1 trillion
  • African American: $1,038 billion
  • LGBT American: $790 billion
  • Asian American: $718 billion

This puts many nontraditional terms into perspective. Many minorities are growing and proving to be a standard in our everyday life.

In 2013, LGBT was at $830 billion in spending. The above data allows you to really see how the LGBT market rates compared to other market opportunities. The LGBT community is a significant contributor to the U.S. economy. In the Witeck Communications press release Justin Nelson, president of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce is quoted saying:

“LGBT buying power is diverse in ethnicity and socioeconomic status, and we are an incredibly loyal constituency.” He goes on to say, “At NGLCC, we have more than 140 corporate partners that recognize not only the influence of the LGBT dollar, but the economics of inclusivity.”

Currently, Maronda Homes is building in five states including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia and Florida. We are growing in numbers and have warm and friendly communities that are extremely popular with home buyers. Maronda welcomes you to join our family and find your dream home today!