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DIY Upgrades to Get the Most Out of Selling Your Home!

DIY Upgrades for selling your existing home to purchase a new one

Looking to buy a new home? Get the most out of your current home by implementing these DIY tips to maximize the return from the sale of your current home so that you can afford the home of your dreams.

Upgrade your Cabinets
For a DIY upgrade project that won’t cost much money and won’t take much time, homeowners should consider giving cabinets a mini face lift. Apply a coat or two of paint and /or install new knobs or handles. This can give you the appearance of a transformed kitchen at a very low cost. This can also help to attract prospective buyers. Tips for performing any of these DIY upgrades can be found at neighborhood big box stores or online.

Paint– Before we were married, my husband’s home was full of dark masculine colors appealing to a limited number of buyers and making the rooms look small. After a few months on the market, his Real Estate Agent hired and paid for a painter, and my husband promised to reimburse for the costs of the painter if the house sold. The house sold three weeks later. Choose bright neutral colors that won’t clash with furnishings of potential buyers.

Upgrade Your Lighting
Switching out lighting fixtures for more updated style is a low-cost, home improvement. Under-cabinet lighting is another quick fix – many home improvement stores now offer easy to install lights that deliver the look of a high-end custom home. Remember that the best part is… this does not involve hiring an electrician!
Countertops – If your countertops are stained, worn, or just plain ugly, try to turn this negative into a positive by finding inexpensive upgrades. Look for remnants at granite suppliers or gently used materials from salvaged/recycled building material centers. Granite countertops bring the “wow factor”.
Landscaping / Curb Appeal
This can pack a powerful punch! Keep a nicely trimmed lawn and edge around light posts, fences, and other borders. Remove weeds from cracks in the drive way and mulch beds. Trim overgrown shrubs and trees. Plant flowers to add some color to the landscape. This is inexpensive and can be a do-it-yourself improvement that goes a long way. Remember to create a good first impression. This will strike a buyer before they even step out of the car!

Hire a home inspector
Home inspectors are experts at identifying issues that potential buyers notice and other home inspectors identify in reports. Items identified during home inspections often result in further negotiation and reductions in sale price after sellers have already agreed to significantly reduce their asking price. For $200-$300 some home inspectors will do an informal walk through (without a report) to identify issues before your buyer’s home inspector does. You don’t have to fix all of the issues, but decide which ones are worth correcting. Many will be easy fixes and taking care of them will shorten the list of problems buyers perceive with your house. Some findings may be more serious and you may consider getting bids from contractors for anticipated negotiations in the sale price of your home.

I used some of these techniques myself to sell my last home. The house sold in one day for over asking price! Decide which of these DIY fixes will work best for you!

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