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Helpful Maronda Home Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks: With your new Maronda Home, comes a new way of life!

Here are some fun tips and tricks to keep your home in tip-top shape:

1. Is there built up residue on your shower head? Tie a bagful of vinegar around the shower head and leave it sit overnight. This will unleash all of the built of “gunk” and let your shower run even better!

2. Want to mop up your floor? Everyone has the problem of a small sink though. A fun trick is to get a clean dust pan and put it under your faucet to create a waterfall over the edge of your sink to fall into the bucket.

3. Is your wood furniture damaged? Who knew that rubbing a walnut over the grooves would clear that right up!

4. Everyone hates their craft section of the home. Especially, the rolls of wrapping paper. How about take those old toilet paper rolls and cut them open and wrap them around the paper. It saves them from opening back up and unfolding everywhere.

5. One of my favorites is the vacuum trick. Put a pair of pantyhose over the nozzle of the vacuum to save those favorite earrings, or even worse, LEGOS!

6. Is it time for the kids to sleep alone? But are you still afraid of them falling out? How about this fun trick: Put a noodle under the bed sheets to create a barrier so you won’t have to worry anymore.

7. It always seems like those plastic shoe racks are better for other options. Use it in the laundry room to put all of your cleaning supplies in their own slots to make things easier.

8. How about all of those tough items that come in the plastic containers; use a can opener to finally open those without cutting yourself!

9. Nothing is as worse as loosing your keys, or not remembering which is which. Use different colored nail polishes to paint the end of the key. Blue is for Home!

10. What about the closet? Use old soda pop tabs to put on your hanger so you can add another hanger on to it. Saves so much space!

These helpful tips and tricks will come in handy for your everyday living in your Maronda Home!