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Keep Those Bugs Out!

Bugs are everywhere, here are some tricks to keep them out!

Even though your Maronda Home can keep out the bugs, some might slip right past you! Here are some nifty tricks to help you de-bug your new home and keep everyone happy.

1. Have a sandbox? Sprinkle some cinnamon in the box and the bugs will not come near you.

2. Mason Jar cups are perfect for drinks because the lid will always keep those ants away.

3. Put a fitted sheet over your kid’s playpen for some protection and some shade.

4. Eucalyptus Oil is perfect to spray around the house because bugs hate the smell!

5. Picnic pots are your everyday terracotta pots. Put a knob to cover the water hole at the bottom and flip them over to cover food and snacks.

6. Bevhats are the latest trends with covering your glasses for a pretty elegant party.

7. Grill with Rosemary, it always keeps the bugs away from your BBQ.

8. Having a backyard fire is always a great way to keep the bugs out. Burning some herbs will also repel the bugs even more.

9. Buy a net hamper and put it over your veggie garden to keep out the animals, not matter what size!

10. If bugs are already chewing on your plants during the early stages, cut a hole in the bottom of a cup and place it safely around the plant.

11. A helpful organic coconut butter can also keep the bugs off you and your family! Do not use on pets though.

12. The traditional mosquito net can also be useful and turned into a classy looking feature for any outside event.

These 12 tricks are just the beginning to solving your bug problems. But, the biggest help would be buying a strong and sturdy home. Maronda builds great quality homes in five different states. Each of which are suited to keep those bugs out!