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A Maronda House Warming Party

Spring is the Perfect for a Party!

So you just moved into your new Maronda Home, what is the next step? A housewarming party! Friends and family love these get-togethers and especially love to see your new house! With the pressure off of moving in, the fun can finally begin!

  1. Decorations

    Decorating your house can be fun, especially with a theme. Barbeque, swimming, beach, flowers are some great springtime examples of what guests will be happy to see and what will complement your beautiful new home. Don’t forget to save yourself some money. Decorating for your Maronda house warming party doesn’t need to be pricey. Use the cute candles or relaxing music you have already to set the mood and atmosphere.

  2. Show off a little

    You worked hard to buy your new Maronda Home, so be proud of it! Having accessories out, or using some of the dinnerware you forgot about can be fun. Show your guests your style and let your Maronda Home be the canvas.

  3. Have fun

    Planning activites can feel like a kid’s party. Why not let the mood set itself? If dancing is what your guests love, go outside and play music for your Maronda house warming party. Do your friends love games? Dust off the old Trivial Pursuit and have a friendly competition.

  4. Food

    Obviously the most important aspect to the party is food. What to eat? Everyone loves finger foods, but definitely make them healthy. Veggies and dip, or even fruit and dip is always a big hit. What about trying something new? Dips are great for any occasion and especially hot ones. Throwing a family recipe in the crockpot to cook while you set up is always easy.

  5. Drinks

    This can be up to you! Alcohol or not, a great punch or coffee is always needed for company. Fresh brew some ice tea or make a great sangria for the heat! Everyone loves a personal touch to a simple concept and with the spring season and many great fruits and flavors available, why not be creative?

We feel your new home will be the perfect host to a Maronda house warming party of your liking!