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It’s Moving Day: Ease the Transition!

Make moving less stressful and more fun!

Moving into a new home and neighborhood can be very exciting, but can also create stress for the entire family, especially your children.  Kids can be afraid of the dark, nonetheless new surroundings in a new town. Check out some helpful tips on transitioning your family into their new surroundings!

Let your child pack a “special box” Give your child a packing box and let them put items of their choice inside.  When  arriving at your new home, let your child open their box and personalize their new room with their comforting items.  Being surrounded with familiarity can make their first nights more peaceful.

Buy personal stationary In this digital age we live in, it is easy to forget about the excitement of getting a letter in the mail. Have your child gather addresses of their friends. Explain to them the joy of keeping in touch with a pen pal.  They will take pleasure in telling their old friends about their new home.  They will love getting letters from their old friends talking about familiar people and places.

Throw a moving celebration Who needs a good-bye party? Make moving a celebration! Invite your friends and family.  Order in your favorite foods from local restaurants. Put out a poster board for people to sign and write happy memories.  Take lots of photos that your kids can scrapbook when they get to your new home.

Include your kids in some decision making Let your child express their wants for their new bedroom or playroom.  Have them help pick the paint colors or new bedding.

Explore the new area as a family Make time to look at the fun new attractions in your new town: museums, parks, restaurants.  The more you get out, the sooner you can establish new favorites!

Best advice…Remember to take a deep breathe and work through the stress of a move as a family!  Try to create some light-hearted fun moments amidst the chaos.