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Online Tools Give Customers the Whole Picture

Online Tools are here to Help the Home Buyer

Many times, shopping online can be a tough go. Hidden fees, incomplete information and gate keepers all can leave home shoppers with more questions than when they first started.

That’s why Maronda Homes is constantly revamping its online tools to make the online home buying experience easier for today’s home buyers.

Today’s buyers have a very specific picture of what their dream home looks like. In additional to Maronda Homes state of the art 360 degree virtual tours, Maronda is now offering unique color visualizers to showcase the bevy of options and upgrades available across their home design portfolio. Our Home Buyers have fallen in love with online tools like this online visualizer, which gives them to chance to see their home come to life, make adjustments and build a home that is truly unique.

More Tools in the Tool Box

New online tools are being added all the time, and we are pleased to announce with the help of our preferred lender RMC Mortgage, a new tool to help paint a clear picture about financing your new home for those shopping online.

The new Online Mortgage Calculator can show the customer an per monthly cost of owning a Maronda Home. The online calculator also allows for advanced calculations as well.

Customers can find the approximate monthly cost listed on each available floorplan or express home in every one of our communities. To adjust the parameters of the calculations simply click on the green calculator icon and adjust the parameters to fit your loan specifics.

Start Crunching the Numbers!

Use the Simple Loan™ mortgage calculator to estimate your mortgage payment with taxes and insurance. Enter the price of the home, your down payment, and any other options to calculate your mortgage payment see your overview, your breakdown, and amortization.

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