Home Buying Tips

4 Common New-Homeowner Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Buying your first home is a very exciting time and deserves plenty of celebration. Sometimes, however, new homeowners face some unexpected challenges that come along with their new house. Here are some of those mistakes and how to avoid them.

1: Failing to budget properly

A new house carries a pretty steep price tag. However, the costs of owning a home are far greater than just the purchase price. Between maintenance costs, emergencies, and other unforeseen expenses, many new homeowners fail to foresee the true cost of home-ownership and therefore do not have enough cash saved up in the bank. To help prevent having this issue, try adding an extra 10-15% on top of your initial budget! More tips can be found here

2: Locking yourself out (or not locking at all)

When you move into a new home, you may at first feel like you never want to leave. Eventually, however, reality sets in and you will need to go to work or run errands around town. As your house is a new setting to which you are not fully accustomed, you may catch yourself practicing some bad habits – like leaving your keys in the house, or even worse, forgetting to lock the house at all. In your apartment the door may have had an automatic lock, but this is rarely the case in a new home. To prevent this, you can hide a spare key outside and attach your main key to your car keys. This will remind you to lock the door, and bail you out if you forget your keys.

3: Leaving the windows open and the A/C on

In your apartment, if you had air conditioning at all, you had less of a space to keep cool. Naturally, this means the bill will be lower, and leaving the windows open while the air conditioning runs will not be as costly of a mistake. In your new home, however, funneling that newly cooled air right out into the backyard could really add up. It is best to only do one – either open the windows and turn the A/C off, or close the windows and crank that cool air. A great way to get around this problem is to leave the air conditioner off until it is absolutely necessary. This is great for your wallet and the environment as well!

4: Saving boring housekeeping tasks for later

With a new home come plenty of new responsibilities. Between taking care of the lawn, cleaning the gutters, and vacuuming all the floors, keeping your house clean and pristine can be daunting. Often you may feel that it would be best to save a task for another day. This is a common mistake, and it can lead the pile of tasks to become unmanageable! It may be best to set aside an hour a day to take care of the house and prevent issues from building on one another.

All in all, owning your first home is a wonderful time, and if you take these steps to avoid common mistakes, you’ll be well prepared to enjoy the future years in your new house!