Home Buying Tips

Invest in Your Future…Building a New Home

Building a new home turns out to be the best investment! BEE Smart

Moving out of your parents home, maybe your mother-in-law’s home? As for the obvious upside, buying a a house has many benefits.  Your no longer paying rent, you can make your home what you want it to be.   Once you sell it you can maybe even make a profit! The higher the cost means, the longer your stay.     Plan on living there for three to four years.   Most people don’t take into consideration the high transaction cost of buying and selling a home.  If you do make money on the home, you will have to pay capitol gains tax, So Bee Smart!!

Investing in new home construction has often been the safest, easiest way to make money in the investment real estate market. During the real estate boom when new home construction was in high demand, simply placing a down payment on a new home meant the investor would reap all the profits generated by builder price increases. It was not uncommon in 2005 for builders to increase prices an average of $5,000 per month or more, and still have buyers waiting in line or participating in a lottery to obtain the rights to buy one.

In 2014 there are many different ways to invest in homes, whether it be you first house, a summer home or a rental house.

Occasionally a builder will offer a model home for sale, and will agree to lease it back for one or more years2014201.

Remember your life may change, be ready to sell with all circumstances and you will begin the best investment of a lifetime.

When you life shows you the best investment in buying home… DREAM.BUILD.LIVE!  with Maronda Homes.