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Investment – Family – and a New Home

Growing a family or Growing an Investment.

When purchasing a new home many individuals look at the process differently. Some are looking for an investment, functionality, or the emotional feeling of my family can grow up here. Looking at all three aspects may be the best way to purchase a home because the similarities between these three ideas are often one in the same.
Buying a home for investment purposes, now let’s look at this in more of a global side then just buying the home. Growing up everyone has been told that buying a home will be the best investment. There is a great article by James Hopkins on Forbes.com where he talks about the investment of buying a home, “From a pure investment standpoint, the stock market is much more likely to give you higher returns over time than housing is likely to provide.” So if you’re purely looking for profits at the end of the tunnel maybe a different approach is needed. Yes, a home is an investment over time so let’s make sure you are also looking at the emotional side and family. Remember when you are buying home, many of the items that attracted you the home are the same items that will attract the next buyer. So some of the most important items in my eyes would also fall under the family and emotional side as well as the investment side. Area you buy your home, what type of home, how much land and a big factor is schools.
When you buy a home take into account of all these items and not only will you and your family love your home, someone else buying it will love it as well and the circle continues back into your bank account in the end.
Dream. Build. Live!