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Show Me The Money!

Money Money Money !!

Everyone has heard of the Investors that bought homes in last the couple years to turn them into rentals and are making fist fulls of money.  Many people now enjoy just renting a home instead making the ultimate choice of buying a home.   So if so many people are renting, who are the renters??

Investors is the simplest answer !!

It’s time to put your money into a rental, whether you want to start out small with a town home or have a 5 bedroom home next to Disney – do the math.

In the Maronda world we offer both of these, let’s put it in simpler terms.

Pittsburgh is a booming rental market right now, with Healthcare, Tech Startups and Marcellus Shell when would be a better time to be an investor.

Let say as a hypothetical example you purchase a 3 bedroom 2  ½ townhouse in this market at $162,000 with 20% down, you could have an investment home for as little as $610 a month (without insurance and taxes).   If you look at the area and do your research you will see how great you return on investment could be.

The sky is the limit for the Disney area, depending on whether you are looking for a longterm rental or a week to week you can be Spending the Money after you make a great investment.