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Wedding Season is Around the Corner

Beautiful Fall Wedding Tips to Save!

Weddings are a billion dollar business. If you not the one profiting from all of the money, then you’re spending it! It always seems that wedding accessories are more expensive than your everyday stationary or flowers. Here are some fun ways to save a buck and put it towards your honeymoon!

Whether you know someone with an elegant signature, or you want to get the kids involved and make a really cute, unique invite, self-scribed stationery is an easy way to cut several hundred big ones off your bill!

Ditch the DJ
With today’s technology, practically anyone can be a Mac Book DJ. Making your own personalized playlist and bringing the corky masks and hats is pretty simple. Although people love the bright and bubbly personalities of DJ’s, when you’re in a crunch, this could be a good money saver.

Later Limo
Limos are great, but when all of your guests are in the church when you arrive…what’s the point? Sometime a vintage Bug or a NYC Taxi can be fun and intriguing.

The latest trend seems to be the photo booth at the party. Everyone loves these opportunities to goof off. What do you do if you can’t afford them though? Old school Polaroid pictures are always a popular alternative and still capture those silly memories.

Something Borrowed
It might not be everyone’s ideal situation to borrow their wedding dress, but what if you borrow the accessories? Finding shoes, tiaras, earrings and pretty much any kind of jewelry in the world is simple through Ebay, Amazon or consignments shops everywhere.

There are more fun wedding tricks all over the internet. You canĀ find the perfect money saving tips just about anywhere and from word of mouth. Be creative, find the perfect way to make your wedding day special without breaking the bank!