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When You Wish Upon a Home…

Make Your Home Dreams Come True with Maronda

Walt Disney made Disney World famous because it is considered the Happiest Place on Earth. Maronda  is making your home the most cost effective quality purchase.

Think about the perfect oasis that fits you family…. What do you have in mind?

Is it the cozy 1 story ranch that has all the amenities and secluded living?

Is it the sprawling 4000 square foot house, that your family is growing with and calling home?

Or is that perfect retirement space  in Florida, or Townhome in Pittsburgh for you Steelers fans and Google Techs.

At Maronda , we take pride in offering you a quality new home that retains its value over time at an affordable price. Since 1972, we have built over 70,000 new homes combining high quality and low prices while consistently delivering a great customer experience. That’s why 97 percent of our buyers say they would recommend Maronda to family and friends. We’ve been building quality new homes for more than four decades, and all that experience shows in each new home we build. Learn about our home building process.

Maronda  can be the perfect fit for you and your family, or even a great investment. With the home market strong once again, it can once again become you best investment and help you retire to the warm beaches of Palm Coast or Vero Beach. We would be happy to build a house for you, so you can turn that into your HOME!!