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Back To School Tips for Homeowners

Back to School Organization – Maronda Style

As August inches closer the sound of the school bell can be heard ringing just around the corner. The back to school season can be a hectic one, and it can often sneak up on you and your family. Here are some tips and tricks to help you keep your house hold organized when the back to school whirlwind starts to pick up.

  1. Dry Write Wall Paint: This is an affordable and easy project that can work great in kitchen, study or a den. With a huge space to post to-do lists, leave notes, or simply have a fun place to express creativity, a Dry Write wall can be a fun addition.
  2. Charging Station: Establish recharging station for your family’s arsenal of phones, iPods, iPads and other devices. This will keep a central location for the devices and free up your family from being glued to their screens.
  3. Homework Station: Section off a area of the home as a homework station that will be away from TVs and video games. Getting into the habit of working in a set environment will help foster efficiency and retention.
  4. Personalized Baskets: Your home is basically a small business with lots of moving schedules. Having a personalized basket for PTA paperwork, field trips and other extracurricular activities can help you avoid the dreaded “DID YOU SIGN THAT RELEASE FOR YET!!”

Don’t overlook the benefits of back to school season. The back to school season can also provide you and your family with some extra free time where you can tackle those pesky and persistent home projects that you have been putting off.

So when back to school season starts be prepared to seize the day!