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7 Bedroom Cleaning Tips

As a homeowner, you’re probably always looking for comfortable and easy cleaning instructions to help you keep your house spotless. I clean rooms once a week for my uncle’s cleaning company and complete 2-5 properties a week. Hence, I have quite a list of tips and tricks for cleaning any room of the house.  If you don’t know how to start cleaning, know that it’s simple! Simply follow these 7 steps that will help you significantly through your cleaning process and your house will be pristine in no time.

Make a Plan Before You Start Cleaning a Room.


Making a plan on anything will give you more confidence and comfort. Cleaning a room isn’t hard but is always easier if you make a plan. Try to picture your room how you would want to see it when it’s clean.


Attack the biggest offender in the room. Go after the part of the room that is the worst and is not wanted to be seen by any visitor you might have. If you go after the bigger items first you will get that done and move on to smaller and easier things.

Picking up Clothes


 Separate the clothes from dirty and clean. Immediately get the dirty clothes in the laundry room and clean them. It usually takes around 40 minutes to an hour each to wash and dry. As long as you get this done first, you won’t waste any time waiting for the laundry to be finished. You’ll be cleaning up the rest of the room while the washer is doing its job!

Get All Dust Off of Each Surface.

Get a duster and go along all surfaces. A second alternative is to get a dirty old pillowcase and a moist rag. The pillowcase will collect the dust and you must wipe quickly with the moist rag to prevent the dust from spreading. The dust is very noticeable. If you don’t get the dust your room will look dirty and the natural color of your room will be covered.

Remove All Garbage


All garbage must be thrown away or recycled. This means you have to go through everything in your room that should be thrown away. This includes bottles, papers, wrappers, etc. Garbage and little pieces of food are the number one attraction for mice and bugs, so make sure to get all the nasty trash out first.

Strip and Deep Clean Your Bed


When you clean your room you should take all the pillows and sheets off. Get the right cleaning substances to get any sweat, urine, or blood out of the mattress. Some stains may be old, therefore, it will be harder to get out. While you’re doing that you can throw your pillows and sheets in the dryer and washer. Some of the stains may require some stronger substance to really get them out. Some properties I clean have a mattress cover to catch most of the stains from getting in the mattress. This might be a good item in which to invest. When your covers and pillows are dry and clean, you can now remake your bed.

Finish Folding and Organizing Your Clothes


Fold all of the clothes and put them into your drawers when they are done drying. If you have a lot of clothes to fold, I find using the Marie Kondo method helps. When you’re done with that you have cleaned your room, you can have fun, and have anybody over to your house at any time!

These are the steps I find to be helpful when I’m working on other properties or simply cleaning my own room. When you’re cleaning, you always want to stop and look at what you’re doing. Making a plan and prioritizing what you’re going to do first will put you in the right mindset to clean more efficiently. I can assure you that these steps will help you.