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Houseplants Brighten Up Your Home in Winter

HouseplantsHouseplants Bring Life to Indoor Spaces

Don’t let the grey of winter give you the blues. By sprucing up your home with these winter houseplants you can add a splash of color to your home that can last all season, long after the holidays have come and gone.

While there are tons of gorgeous houseplants that you can use to fill the winter with vibrance and color, here are a few of our favorites.

English Ivy

A timeless leader in the houseplants category, English Ivy showcases real elegance in your home, and it trails down furniture or mantles for a classy effect. As an added bonus, it’s super easy to start a new houseplant for yourself or a instant hostess gift by cutting a section of the stem!


When it comes to houseplants, lavender is the go to for scent and aroma. This little guy loves the sun, so be sure you keep it on your most sunny window sill. While it may have a short lived bloom season, Lavender is hearty and can bloom almost any time of the year in addition to adding a familiar and calming aroma to your home this winter.

Christmas Cactus

As the name implies, the natural bloom time for these houseplants is late in the Christmas Season. Christmas cactus bloom as the days get shorter. Christmas cactus enjoy indirect bright light; but be careful as full exposer to the sun will damage this houseplant

Moth Orchid 

When it comes to houseplants Moth orchids (Phalaenopsis) have become increasingly popular. They are often given as gifts and are a great starter for those looking to have a greener thumb as they require very little maintenance. Growing in treetops in tropical regions, they can bloom for months with little help from you.

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