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Bring the Fun Home

Fun Summer Activities for Your Family at Home

In this day and age kids want to go here, there, and everywhere! As a parent, you can feel like an Uber driver. Let’s bring the fun back into the home. Remember that thing we adults used to use to have fun? Oh yes…the imagination! Enjoy some of these activities with your family and friends.

1. Create a yarn matrix throughout a room or hallway: Placing the yarn in a kind of a matrix makes a passage very interesting to go through. Challenge yourself and your kids to work through the matrix without touching the yarn. It’s an interesting and mind consuming game.

2. Make roads using tape on your floors: Use different colored tape to “build” roads on the floor. Your children can play with cars and action figures in their own little town.

3. Homemade cardboard maze: You can always find unwanted cardboard boxes! Take them and tape into a sequence that creates a tunnel maze. Kids can use their flashlight and find their way through the wrong turns and dead ends to the final exit. This is a fun activity that can also improve memory skills!

4. Stair slide: Piece cardboard together to make a flat plain. Adjust it into your staircase and then slide from top to bottom. Be sure to take safety precautions before performing the slide; it’s a lot of fun.

5. Get crafty: Look around the house. Gather paper, markers, tape, glue, clay, play-doh, glitter, straws, toothpicks…Sky’s the limit! Invent your masterpiece with the supplies of your choice. This imagination station is sure to please!

6. Charades: Let the acting bug bite you for this old favorite! Grab some index cards and write down people, places, things. Use an hour glass timer from an old board game, and start acting. It’ll be no time before the belly laughs are rolling!

7. Drawing competition: This is a family fun favorite in my house. Have everyone draw their interpretation of the same picture. Choose a judge and let the game begin. The competition factor really get the creative juices flowing!

8. Board games: Good old fashioned games! Checkers, chess, Candy-land, Twister…Dust off those boxes and get to playing!

9. Backyard water games: It is a lot of fun playing with water in the summer. Grab your water guns, balloons, buckets, a sprinkler, or slip-n-slide. Best of luck in hiding yourself from getting wet. Everyone gets soaked eventually.

So parents put those car keys away! Create your own fun with the things you have at home. Your family and friends will be laughing and creating new memories in no time!