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Creating a Playroom in your New Home

Considering a playroom for your new home

If you have an extra room in your new home and you have kids, a playroom may be something you want to consider. Not only is a playroom a great place for kids to enjoy, but it can reduce clutter from other areas of your house. If you can think outside of the box it’s a great way to put together an inviting and fun space for kids. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Personalize the playroom with your child’s favorite colors and themes. Have fun with color and playful décor.
  • Practical Storage Bins are a great way to ensure your kids can find their toys but also to learn how to keep them organized and tidy. Book storage is huge!
  • Keep your changing table in the playroom when your children are young, and plan to replace it with a spare television for video games and movies when kids get older.
  • Comfortable Seating– Have a table and chairs or bean bag or favorite animal chair. This is the most important item in any playroom.
  • An art center, complete with easel or art table and lots of supplies for drawing, painting, and crafts will keep these items confined to one room. Consider chalkboard paint on one wall which allows you to convert your walls to a chalkboard.
  • A music station with child friendly instruments can be noisy but so much fun for kids.
  • Blocks and other building sets are good additions that encourage kids to be creative.
  • Don’t forget games and play sets that encourage group play with friends and family.

Keep in mind you want to make this space as indestructible as possible. Have a big reveal for your kid/kids. In the end all that really matters is for your kids feel that the space is really theirs.

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