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Dog Days at Maronda Homes

Pets Love our New Maronda Homes

Moving can be a huge challenge for the family, but what about your pets? The great advantage of living in a Maronda Home is the fact that Fluffy can come with you! Moving for many is a huge step in their life and having to rearrange their whole lifestyle is the hardest. Many people surprisingly base a lot of their purchasing on family pets. At Maronda Homes, across all of our states and communities, pets are embraced and treated with respect and love.

Many things come with moving a pet into a new home. One major thought is re-house training. Think about it, this is a big step for Fido too! Whether you have cats or dogs, allowing them to embrace their new territory and find comfort inside and out, will make any move easier on your pet.

The first few weeks will be the toughest, but Maronda communities are perfect for the transition. According to Paws.org, finding a balanced routine will make the transition easier on everyone’s behalf and beginning to fall back into your old ways will be simple.

Taking a walk around your new community, building a doggy door or even strolling on over to your local dog park will make your pet feel right at home again. As this is a great opportunity to start fresh, remember you are in control! Do not let your feelings for moving override your rules of the house. Staying in charge and making sure your clean and new Maronda stays in order is the most important. Watching for the signs of marking new territory or trying to find other dogs around the neighborhood, and stay in control!

We care deeply about providing the highest quality home to you and your family, and as a builder that cares, we recognize that your pet is your family!

About Karlee Cleary

Karlee was a marketing specialist for Maronda Homes. She has her M.B.A and MA in Mass Communications and Journalism from Point Park University in Pittsburgh PA. Although she has moved on from Maronda Homes to new adventures, her friendly nature and bright spirit will live on within the team.

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