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Incorporating Children into the Kitchen

Kids grow up fast.

Might as well make them useful before they turn 13 and lock themselves in their bedrooms every day after school. Food has to get made and the little ones need to be distracted. Kill two birds with one stone by hiring your own little kitchen helpers. Here are 4 ideas on how to do so.


Edible Play-doh

Whenever you’re cooking with dough always make a little bit extra to disperse amongst the kitchen helpers. Nothing is more exciting for them then putting on a chef hat and making their own shapes/designs. And when they are done the creations either go in the oven or straight into their stomachs. Piece of cake.


If you don’t include your children in cookie batter then you’re doing it wrong. Your kid hasn’t had a fulfilling childhood until they have poured in the chocolate chips themselves and then afterwards detached the beaters to thoroughly cleanse them of batter the old-fashioned way (aka by tongue).

Green beans

My mom would always hand us freshly washed, raw green beans from the store. Our job was to snap off the end roots from each bean. Did we actually have to snap off each of the root ends of the beans for them to be edible? Probably not-but it kept us busy for a priceless 10 minutes.


Ok, now this one can get a bit messy, but I still think it deserves to make the list. Some of the best memories I had was Christmas cookie decorating. I would have to wait all year to let my creative side free. Spur your kids’ creativity and every once in a while let them have the freedom to decorate some cupcakes or cookies. It will distract them in a positive way and also get dessert on the table.

Go ahead and give these a shot and comment your experiences/hilarious kid’s stories below!