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Kill the Clutter! Simplify your home life this New Year!

Kill the Clutter! Simplify your home life this New Year!

New Year, new lifestyle.  Make your home feel more spacious and simplify your life this year by eliminating the clutter in your life.  It’s a proven fact that too much clutter and messes in our lives and especially in our homes can lead to stress in our lives and even turmoil with our family members.  Start this New Year off right by taking control of the messes in your life.  Follow some of these simple steps to easily focus on getting your home organized:


Set reasonable expectations for yourself each day.  Start by organizing and cleaning out one room at a time.  Start with a room that doesn’t need that much organization to get you into the groove of cleaning.  Set reasonable expectations for yourself every day.  Try 30-60 minutes at a time to not overwhelm yourself.


Use the small amounts of free time each day to avoid messes and clutter that pile up.  Why not empty your recycling bin every day on your way to work?  How about immediately putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher instead of letting them pile up in the sink?


For every new item you bring into your home, try letting go of 2 items.  Some items in your home are probably still in decent shape and many charities would love to get them to help people in your local community.  Consider Goodwill or Vietnam Veterans.  This could be clothing, housewares, kitchen goods or even furniture.


Focus on elimination items that aren’t needed before they become clutter.  Every day when you get your mail, immediately sort and recycle items that you don’t need.  Come up with a new system to organize bills and important letters that you do need.  Look at repurposing an old wood box as your new “in-box.”  Make sure to clear out this box at least once a month to keep clutter away.  Focus your attention on your mudroom.  Set up some hooks and bins that can handle all of the coats, purses, bags and shoes you can throw at it so you don’t trip on them later.


Before purchasing new clothes for next season, go through clothing pieces in the current season that you are in and donate unwanted items to charity.  If you haven’t worn the item this season, chances are you won’t next year either.  Let it go!


The kitchen pantry and fridge are important locations to keep you organized and save some money.  You can even save some money by finding food items that need used before they expire.  You may also want to consider cooking large batch meals and storing them in vacuum sealed storage bags for easy access in the future.


Don’t forget your digital spaces.  Go through your digital photo albums and sort your favorite pics into folders organized by dates, subjects or locations.  Consider uploading your numerous albums to a digital storage service so they are available all the time on any device.  Check out Google Play Music or Amazon Music services.


Following these tips will help you kill the clutter and take control of the messes in your life.