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Labor Day Love

Who doesn’t love labor day?

It’s time for that last jump in the pool, the last big BBQ holiday of the year and the kickoff to fall, yes everybody, it’s Labor Day! This is the breaking point between summer and fall for many. Labor Day is not only a celebrated holiday in regards to our nation, but families everywhere love this special day to bring everyone together. But how much do you really know about Labor Day? Here at Maronda, we found some interesting facts that may not be your traditional viewpoint on this national holiday.

Considered one of the most American holidays, Labor Day actually is Canadian in origin. In 1872 a parade was held to strike against the 58 hour workweek which continued through the 1870’s. These ‘Labor’ disputes led to leaders being arrested for the event under anti-union laws.

It wasn’t Washington or Lincoln who declared Labor Day, but better yet, Grover Cleveland!Making Labor Day an official national holiday as part of his political campaign, in 1894, President Grover Cleveland made good on his promise, and signed a law making Labor Day an officially recognized US holiday.

Remember, “no white after Labor Day,” said everyone you knew. Well that tradition is steadily dying. Although the tradition is will always be said to those committing the fashion faux pas, in today’s day and age, anything goes!

The unofficial/official kickoff day for the NFL always seems to fall the week of Labor Day. Although this is not standard, researchers say that 99.44% of the time, the NFL plays its first official season game the Thursday after Labor Day.

Take into account all of these interesting angels of Labor Day and I am sure you and your family and friends will have the time of your life this September. Remember always be safe!