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Make The Most With Compost! Composting Made Easy!

Compost your way to a beautiful garden!

Putting your ever day items into a compost pile is an easy way to cut down the the amount of trash you drag to the curb each week and provides all the building blocks your garden/landscaping would need to thrive.

What is composting?
Composting describes the end product of a process involving the break down of various materials (e.g. leaves, manure, food scraps) into a more usable form (e.g. fertilizer for your garden) by microbes!

How to do it!
While a container is not 100% necessary it definitely makes making and harvesting the compost easier. A good compost container can be purchased at any major hardware store or online.

Adding an catalyst like alfalfa meal to your compost gives the nitrogen and protein necessary to jump start the process.

You can compost all kinds of stuff such as long as it is organic. Things like leaves, grass, weeds, and some kitchen scraps are perfect for composting.

To Compost or Not?
Composting is all about building an organic hodgepodge so you will want to skip any meats, dairy or oils in your composting. Egg shells, coffee grounds, rinds, peels, and other produce scraps from your kitchen are all perfect for composting.

Be sure to avoid meats or pet droppings as they are not ideal for a healthy compost pile. Stick with food scraps and yard waste only

The autumn is a great time to start, as the leaves provide a great start to the amount of organic matter you would need to start your composting heap and provides a useful and environmentally conscious alternative to bagging up your leaves and sending them away as waste!

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