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Hardscape Outdoor Solutions for Your Home

Elevate Your Outdoor Living Areas

If you are considering an outdoor living space, you’ll have many options to consider.  Here is a summary to get you started.


Decks are best suited for homes that don’t have a walk-out option on the main floor because they allow you to go outdoors without walking into your basement.  Decks are also a good option for yards that aren’t flat enough for a patio. If you decide to build a deck, there are countless possibilities for customization including size, shape, color, railings, and built-in planter boxes to name a few.  A major decision when building a deck is deciding on the material of construction.  Basically, you can choose between pressure treated lumber or a synthetic deck material.  Pressure treated lumber will require staining and should be pressure washed, whereas a synthetic deck only requires occasional cleaning.  However, the cost for synthetic decks is about 40% more than wood with higher-end synthetic materials being even more expensive.


Patios are best suited for homes that have a walk-out option on the main floor.  A relatively flat back yard is also required.  The most basic and least expensive material for a patio is concrete.  You can upgrade your concrete by staining it, stamping it, or exposing the aggregate within it.  Staining the concrete simply adds color.  Stamping the concrete adds texture.  Generally, stamped concrete is also colored with a base color and a release color to accentuate the texture.  Exposed aggregate removes the cement from the surface and exposes the stones that are present within the concrete to provide color and texture.  Another patio option is brick pavers, which are available in a countless variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Look around at existing outdoor hardscapes and determine what appeals to you.  Then approximate the square footage for your outdoor space.  Use the numbers below as a guide to stay within your budget.

  • Wood Deck – $30/square foot
  • Synthetic Deck – $42/square foot
  • Concrete – $6/square foot
  • Stained Concrete – $2-10 depending on complexity plus the cost of the concrete, so $8-16/square foot
  • Exposed Aggregate – $20/square foot
  • Stamped (and stained) Concrete – $13/square foot
  • Pavers – $11/square foot

Dream. Build. Live.