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Survive Winter with Your Sanity in Tact

Winter Pic10 Tips to Help You get through the Winter

Winter is upon us…As you may have noticed. With the icy cold comes snow, ice, blizzards, dry air, and sickness, all trying to make us miserable. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here are some tips and tricks to combat the horrible freeze (and keep you warm, healthy, and happy all winter long):

1. Get a good coat
This may seem like a pretty silly tip, but a good coat can make all the difference. It shouldn’t just be a fashion preference; a good coat should be able to handle harsh winds without letting them in, keeping you warmer.

2. Dress in layers
A single layer of clothing is much more likely to let cold air in and allow hot air to escape. But if you have a combination of layers, you are more likely to keep your body warm. Layering up can help you to save on heating costs in your home too! After all, it is much easier to heat yourself than your entire home.

3. Avoid dry eyes and skin
Because heaters are known to dry the air out, your skin and eyes will probably be a lot dryer as well. It’s important to stay hydrated, slather up with lotion, and get a good humidifier if your house is feeling a little dry. It also helps to cover your face and eyes while spending time outdoors.

4. Avoid sickness
While the cold weather does not cause colds, it is definitely a season full of sickness. It’s important to take a little extra care by sleeping well, washing hands often, and staying active. A little extra Vitamin C could help as well.

5. Eat foods warm foods
Making dishes like soup or chili really help warm your body, helping you get through those freezing days. The warmth from the stove-top can help make your kitchen feel much warmer too!

6. Stay active
It’s tempting to shut yourself up and never step foot outside in the winter, but it’s important to stay fit and healthy. Try layering up for a run outside, join a gym near your house, or complete home workouts if you don’t want to step outside.

7. Prep your home
Remember, crazy snow storms hit, sometimes when we aren’t expecting them. Making sure you have a few canned meals or boxed goods like Mac and cheese on hand could help in case the next blizzard has you stuck at home. In case of power outages, having a backup generator is an extremely nice trick!

8. Use your thermostat wisely
Cranking up the thermostat is so tempting when winter has you freezing, but it’s costly. A programmable, or smart thermostat, like the Nest, can help cut energy costs.

9. Keep the heat in your house
Things like closing off unused rooms, changing the filters in your home heater, using heavy curtains, sealing breezy windows with plastic or bubble wrap, and running your fans clockwise so they blow heat down, can really help keep the heat inside your home (and the cold out). Not only are these tasks easy, they make your home more efficient and save on heating costs!

10. Drive smart in the snow
Make sure your car is prepared for snow and ice by stocking a few useful items. Cooking spray can be used to open frozen car doors. And kitty litter or floor mats come in handy in case you’re stuck on an ice patch. Parking facing east is also helps defrost your windshield.

Remember, winter will not last forever! Soon enough we will be welcoming back the first flowers and the warmth of spring. Until then, these easy tips and tricks will help you make it through the freezing winter weather more easily and efficiently.