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Tips for Organizing a Neighborhood Party

Organizing a Neighborhood Party

Are you in a newly built neighborhood? Would you like to introduce yourself and get to know your new neighbors? Why not organize a neighborhood party! In this day and age I think we can all agree it’s much harder to get to know our neighbors than it used to be. Here are a few ideas to get the neighborhood together for an amazing time!

  • Use which is a free social media application  that you can set up for you and your neighbors online. This is a great way to gauge interest, schedule, and communicate with your neighbors both before and after events!
  • Form a Committee that consists of several volunteers from the neighborhood and hold a meeting. Assign one person to be the main contact.
  • Select a good date and time. Make sure you give everyone at least 4 weeks of advance notice.  Avoid holidays and days when other major local events are planned (e.g. high school football game or other major sporting event, community day, etc.).
  • The main contact should be  in charge of recruiting volunteers to bring food. This way everyone can decide how the food will be handled. You can have everyone bring a dish or organize a caterer and charge a fee.
  • While it’s a good idea to invite kids to most events, consider having at least one adults only event so parents with small children get a chance to socialize with everyone else.
  • Assign one person to be in charge of any activities. Organize contests for the kids and adults. Ask people to bring different games that they may already have like bocce, cornhole, horseshoes, and wiffleball.
  • Don’t forget to put someone in charge of a cleanup committee!

No matter what you plan for your block party, getting people involved and staying organized is key. Try these tips for organizing your next neighborhood party. Even if you only meet a few families, as long as you get to know each other better, consider the event a success.


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