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3 Quick Tips to Get Your Deck Ready for Spring

3 Tips for Prepping Your Deck

With spring coming even earlier this year you will want to be sure to have your deck ready to go for the nice weather. Here are a quick 3 tips on prepping your deck for a season of Barbecues, brunches and relaxing.


The winter snow and the constant freezing and unfreezing can wreck havoc on your deck. Especially the joints and hardware. Be sure to check any railings or posts that may have gotten lose over the winter months. Check for any nails or screws that have popped up over the winter months. Take them out and replace them with new deck screws. keep an eye out for rotted boards or steps. If the deck was already attached to the home when you bought it, you can be dealing with years worth of neglect. These boards can be easily replaced.

Spring Cleaning

Time to break out the brushes! The beating your deck takes all year can really pile up the grime. A stiff bristle brush is best for scrubbing off the presents left by birds or other neighborhood varmints. Cleaner solutions can be bought at any hardware store as the proper eye protection. Be sure to cover any flowers or landscaping that are nearby.

For heavy washing try a power washer. nothing blasts away the winter sludge like the pressure of high powered, jet blasted water. Power washing your deck is a great way to rinse it off before sealing it. It is important to be careful as sometimes power washing can damage the wood.

Sealed to Perfection

Be sure that you schedule a time to stain or seal your deck that fits with the weather forecast. Rain can really foil a weekend preparation.

With these couple quick tips you will be enjoying your backyard in no time!