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5 Best Backyard Water Activities

It’s summer, the kids are energetic, but the weather is unbearably hot. That means it’s time to bask in BACKYARD WATER ACTIVITIES! Who needs to spend money on a pool when all you need to make kids happy is a hose and some balloons? Read through our top 5 ideas for kids’ water fun!

1. Water Balloon Relay

This isn’t just any old relay race. This is a relay that will have the kiddos rolling on the floor laughing. The things you will need are water balloons, two buckets, and two lawn chairs. On one end of the yard set up a bucket full of balloons and a beach chair for team one. Then do the same on the opposite end of the yard for team two. The goal of the game is to pop all of the balloons in your bucket. The first person grabs one of their balloons and dashes to the opposite lawn chair. He must pop the balloon by sitting on it. Once the balloon is popped he dashes back to his starting line and tags the next player to go! If a child drops their balloon they must run back and grab another.

2. Sponge Ball War

This is a classic and the best part is that there doesn’t have to be any rules. Buy a variety of sponge sizes, dump them in a few cool water buckets and let the kids throw sponges at each other and ring them on top of each others’ heads! If you want to add rules you can mandate that each kid is only allowed to “attack” one person with a sponge before they have to go back to the bucket to refill on water ammunition.

3. DIY Water Sprinkler

Kids will always love sprinklers. What toddler doesn’t love “catching” and prancing through streams of water? Not everyone owns a sprinkler though or maybe yours is still broken from last summer. In case you don’t have time to buy a new one, use this DIY trick! All you need is a liter of soda and a knife. Empty the soda bottle, wash it out, and poke holes with the knife. Unscrew the lid and pop your hose right on to the neck. Voila! You now have your own homemade sprinkler to last till you’re able to buy a new one.

4. DIY Slip and Slide

I remember, as a kid, slip-and-slides were the highlight of the summer. We asked for YEARS to get a slip-and-slide and, once we received it, we used it every summer. However, slip-and-slides can be expensive. As an adult I realized that there was no need for my parents to pay money for a kit when each household has their own material to create their own. Quite literally all you need is a tarp and a hose! The best instructions I’ve found on how to make one can be found here

5. Car Wash

Last but not least, car wash will be every parents’ favorite. What better way to run your kids out of energy than to make a game out of washing your own car? You’re killing two birds with one stone here. Tell your kids they should imagine that they own a car shop and that mommy and daddy will take their car to the wash to be cleaned. The kids will be ecstatic to own a shop while you crack open a cold one and watch them work.