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Ready, Set, Go…It’s Back to School!

I swear summer gets shorter and shorter (so do my kids). Let’s not miss the bus. Start a successful new school year.

Though we are still enjoying the summer fun, the annual back to school preparation is around the corner.  So while you are soaking up the sun by the pool, now is the time to get organized in order to avoid the back to school blues.  While schools provide you with a list of must-have supplies, there are several additional things to consider when planning for your loved ones return to the classroom.

REGISTRATION: Have you recently moved into a new school district? School districts have various registration processes. Make sure you explore your local districts web page to see what you need to do in order to have your kids on the roster. I have found that most districts have made the process simple with online form submission. Do some digging though. If you are new to an area, check to see if there is a new school tour available, or schedule a private tour for you and your child.

IMMUNIZATIONS:  It is always a good idea to have a physical and eye exam for your children before the start of the school year.  Check with your school before you go, because most schools require up-to-date records at the beginning of each year.  The school will provide you with the forms that they need to have completed.

MUST-HAVES:  All children, no matter the age, will have things that they “have to have”…Whether it be a new wardrobe, a trendy backpack, new lunch bag, or the latest techy gadget.  Sit down with your child and have them prioritize what they want vs. what they need.  This is a great way to open a dialogue with your child about the new school year ahead.  It can also allow you and your child to create a list together, of the things they will be getting now, and things that they can earn later.  It’s never too young to teach responsibility!

MORNING MADNESS:  Don’t let that school bus pass you by!  Start preparing the evening before.  Pack lunches and plan outfits before lights out.  Make a checklist for your child so they know what has to be accomplished in the morning.  I have a strict NO TV policy in the morning so that there aren’t any distractions.  Most importantly…establish a strict bedtime!  A well-rested child will be easier to manage in the morning, and more productive throughout the school day!

HEALTHY MEALS:  Good nutrition is an essential part of your child’s academic performance. Your child will be able to focus clearly throughout the day by eating a healthy and balanced breakfast and lunch.  After school, plan for a snack before it is time to start the homework crunch.  Food not only fuels the body…it keeps the brain running smoothly!

STUDY HABITS:  Create a well-lit and quiet area in your home for your child to do their homework.  This will put them in the right mind-set to complete their assignments efficiently.  I have found that a reward system is effective when pushing them to achieve good grades.  This is a good time to review their list of“wants”!  If they reach their academic goals that you set forth together, they earn something that didn’t make the “need” side of the list!

Back to school should not be stressful!  If you prepare, and work together as a family, this can be a fun time to start the new school year with excitement!  Start now, so that when the bus pulls up in September, you can wave good-bye knowing that your child is set up to succeed!