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Christmas Plants can Make a Great Winter Gardening Project

The weather is getting colder outside and that means that the summer gardens are all said and done.  But that doesn’t mean that if you are into gardening, you will have to wait until Springtime to get some dirt under your fingernails again.  The holiday season and Christmas have some unique plants associated with them that make great winter gardening projects.



The most common Christmas plant to give and receive during the holiday season is the poinsettia.  Native to Mexico, these red, pointed flowers are one of the symbols of Christmas.  But why is it such a symbol?  The legend goes that there was a small, poor child in Mexico named Pepita.  She was on her way to Christmas Eve church services and had no gift to bring to church.  Her cousin told her any gift, no matter how small she gave to Jesus with love would make Jesus happy.  She picked a bouquet of weeds and when she left them on the altar, they burst into a bouquet of vivid red poinsettias.  More commonly, since the early 1900s, the poinsettia has been commonly sold as a houseplant given to loved ones as a gift.  Today, these beautiful flowers give a pop of color to your Christmas décor and are widely available in most department stores, home improvement stores and even grocery stores.


Lemon Cypress

Lemon Cypress trees provide an unforgettable citrus smell in your home

Just as the name suggests, if you brush up against the lemon cypress tree, you will smell an unmistakable lemon scent.  These trees can be grown indoors as well as outdoors and come in various shapes and sizes from 3’ to 15’ tall.  They are conical or topiary shaped.  Some are even sold with a ball at the end that makes it lean as “grump trees” to represent the crooked tree from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  You can pick these up at your local Trader Joes for around $8 or a traditional lemon cypress at your local home improvement store.


Potted Christmas Trees

Live Christmas Trees are a sustainable choice that will let you remember this Christmas for years to come.

Are you looking for a fresh pine scent in your home throughout the holiday season?  Do you want to be environmentally friendly?  Why not consider a live tree for your Christmas season?  Once Christmas is over, you can plant it in your yard and enjoy it for many years to come.  They may cost a little more now but are ore environmentally friendly and can change the look of your landscape in the Spring.  They are also a great idea to commemorate a milestone holiday such as a baby’s first Christmas, first Christmas together as a couple or even the first Christmas in a new house.  These trees come in a variety of sizes, shapes and species with different color branches at your local home improvement store.  Grocery stores like Trader Joes even sell mini versions of these tress for your kids to decorate.


Rosemary Trees

Rosemary trees being an unforgettable smell to your home and your kitchen.  If you do a lot of cooking and love to use herbs, you might want to consider a full tree instead of buying packages of rosemary at the grocery store.  It keeps growing new foliage year-round for cooking and also brings a warm herb smell to your entire home.



The bright red and white blooms on the amaryllis flower are associated with Christmas because they brighten up a dreary winter scene with beautiful flower buds for Christmas.  They are usually sold as kits to grow one at department stores in early December or you can even get a bulb wrapped in wax that will bloom in sunlight.


Planting Insider Tip

Christmas plants make a great Winter gardening project

You can create an indoor garden by mixing some different holiday plants together and planting them in a metal bucket.   This will create a professional looking garden container that can be a beautiful centerpiece in your home.  Buying one of these complete from a flower shop would be over $100, but you can create your own garden container for a fraction of the cost.  For this container, we used a lemon cypress tree with 2 lemon cypress grump trees to create height and added a small poinsettia for color with some ivy as ground cover to keep the soil moist.  Mix your own favorite holiday plants together to wow your guests this holiday season.