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Don’t Miss Getting Your Pumpkin Fix!

indexPumpkin Lovers, It’s Your Favorite Season!

I love Fall! From October through November I can’t get enough of all things pumpkin! Inspiration can be found almost anywhere you look.

Decor…You can use pumpkins inside and out to add to your Fall decor this season. Indoors…I like to add scented hand soaps and candles to fill the home with warm and inviting smells. Pumpkin design has come a long way in the last few years. If you are looking for a twist, spray paint your pumpkin and sprinkle with glitter for added flair. Traditional carving has become extreme with the use of power tools and new scraping techniques. I love to visit Pinterest for inspiration!

Delectable Delights…Start with breakfast and end with dessert. There are pumpkin recipes for every meal. Allrecipes.com is where I have found some of my favorites! Most have tried the traditional pumpkin spiced latte, pumpkin muffin or pie. Here is one of my favorite recipes with a twist on the traditional.

Spirits with a Twist…Once you have your menu down, I suggest you pair your party delights with pumpkin spirits. If you are a beer connoisseur may I suggest getting your hands on Pumking. Once I tried this, I have never found another pumpkin beer that compares. The downside is that the price tag is a bit high and the supply goes quickly. So if you are wanting to take a sip this season, may I suggest you start looking early! If cocktails are your spirit of choice, may I suggest this indulgence: Pumpkin Apple Cider:

Pinnacle Pumpkin Pie Vodka, Apple Cider, Club Soda…Mix and Serve over Ice! YUMMY!

Now that you have your home decorated, your menu created and your libations chilled…It’s time to celebrate with fellow pumpkin lovers this season!