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Fun Beach Hacks

These Fun Beach Hacks will keep you worry free!

As a perk of living in many of the Maronda Homes along the coast, going to the beach can be a great afternoon or weekend event. But, the beach can also be a tricky situation when thinking about safety and bringing the family. Here are some great beach hacks tips that will always save the day.

  1. Everyone gets sand on them! But, it always seems like we cannot get rid of it. A great idea would be to bring some baby powder with you and sprinkle it on to your hands or wherever to help the sand just fall right off!
  2. Have an empty lotion or tanning bottle? Clean it out and keep all of your valuables, like keys, money or jewelry, in it as a secret safe box. Nobody will know!
  3. Fill a freezer bag with water and freeze it. Using it as a ice block for your sandwiches and snacks will make them good all day. When it melts, not only do you have fresh water, but empty it out and put your wet bathing suit in!
  4. Sewing over the corners of your towel with a heavier weighted object, like change or rocks, will keep your towel down if there is a breeze.
  5. Using your Iphone? Keep it in a plastic bag to keep out the elements and you can still use the touch screen through the bag!
  6. Water in your ears? A funny trick that works is blowing into a deflated balloon. Do this a couple times and your ears will pop and let the water out.
  7. Everyone breaks their flip flops. Well the greatest trick that always works is taking a sandwich bag clip and sliding it under the shoe.
  8. Did the kids roll around in the sand? It always seems like you can’t get the sand out of their hair. Using the vacuum hose when you come home will clean out all of the loose particles and save your drain from packing up.
  9. Turning your steering wheel 180 degrees will keep the top of the wheel cool and save your hands from burning.
  10. Jellyfish sting? For mild stings, without ones that need medical attention, rinse with sea water and scrape off the stingers with either a seashell or a credit card to get small stingers.