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Gardening 101 By Maronda

Gardening in your new Maronda Home

Everyone has their own unique twist on gardening, but for beginners, advice is always helpful! Starting your life in your new Maronda Home can be easy, but starting a small garden or even a potted garden is the latest trend in fending for yourself, saving a buck and even just bringing the beauty of nature around your home!

Here are some great ideas and tips for those ready to DIG in!

Not ready to venture outdoors yet? Still not the weather for planting anything? Well, how about the convenience of your own windowsill! Having small plants around the house not only make a beautiful smell throughout the home, but brings a calming and relaxing sense to any scenario.

As many know, Maronda Homes is currently building in 5 different states. Therefore, learning your environment and what the climate is like will really help you in your planting process. For example, an across the board popular fruit is the tomato.  Tomatoes love the sun and are fairly sturdy in many environments. This would be a great first choice in your endeavors of gardening!

Label, Label, Label! Labeling is a big part of making a garden work. Especially when growing herbs. Having the small sprouts pop up and not knowing which is which would be the worst case for your herbs. What is thyme needs less watering than mint? Although this is a minor concern, why waste your time in growing the plants for them to die?

If all of this seems too difficult, make it simple; buy a starter kit! Just like the kids use, buying a small starter kit is a great idea. You will learn how they grow, where to plant, how often to water and ultimately if you enjoy gardening!

Gardening isn’t something that happens overnight, it is a learning process. Just like buying your first home, planting your first garden takes baby steps and time to understand.