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Get Ready…It’s Back to School!

Back to school is around the corner! Don’t get stuck in the parental rush. Get a head start in preparing now!

School bells are soon to be ringing around the country, and moms everywhere are getting everything together to ensure that their families have a smooth transition from summertime to school time. Here are some tips and tricks that I have found helpful when getting my children ready to go back to school!

  • Slowly adjust bedtime: We all know that summertime is full of late nights with family fun. My kids have been averaging a 10:30-11:00 pm lights out! After a summer of late nights and laid-back mornings, it’s likely that your kid could use help adjusting to the earlier bedtimes and wake-up calls. Not only will this lead to fewer “I don’t want to get out of bed!” fights, but it’s important for your child’s learning: Even just 25 minutes of less sleep per night can lead to lower grades, and insufficient rest has also been linked to fatigue and concentration problems in kids. Slowly start making his or her bedtime earlier about two weeks before the first day (try pushing it forward five to 15 minutes each day).
  • Adjust your meal schedule: While I provide my family with healthy meals throughout the summer, I still feel the need to get on a meal schedule prior to school starting. Kids are on a tight schedule during the school year. Start feeding them breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner routinely a few weeks before school starts. Their bodies need time to adjust. Preparation will avoid the mid-day crash for kids.
  • Organize school clothes: Do you hate the “I have nothing to wear!” battle in the morning as much as I do? Again, preparation! I have 5 bins labeled Monday-Friday. Every Sunday I have my kids put their outfits in the bins. Of course I get final approval, but this way the week is prepped!
  • Create a command center: If you can’t tell by now…I LOVE organization! Whether you have 1 kid or many…kids are active. Create a calendar system that works for you and your kids! The options are endless. Check out Pinterest for some inspiration. I like to color code each child (and my husband). I hang the calendar on the wall by door to the garage. This way everyone can look at it on the way out and know who goes where, and when.
  • Shop smarter: Don’t walk into Target and stare at the endless aisles and end-caps of back to school supplies. Step 1 is to visit your school website. Most schools have the supply lists posted by now. Print this list and bring it with you. Even better…Can you order ahead online for in-store pick-up? I live by this! I order exactly what I need and then pick-up at the front of the store. You will be amazed at the cost savings, because you aren’t grabbing 10 extra “what if” items.
  • Don’t forget the FUN: Remember that the first bell ring in the fall is exciting for the parents, but it’s the end of endless fun for the kids. So don’t forget to throw in last minute fun these next few weeks! See a new movie. Go to the pool as often as possible. Plan a mini vacation or stay-cation. Your kids will thank you for keeping the good times rolling, while slowly reeling them back in.

Never forget that the days can be long, but the years go by so quickly! I have found with preparation, I keep as much stress at bay, and remind myself to enjoy these moments. Hope everyone had a great summer and wish you all another successful school year!