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Happy Hoppy Family Fun!

Happy Hoppy fun for the whole family

It’s Spring, and what better way to celebrate than with some family friendly crafts and activities!

Plant a Seasonal Garden:  Flowers or vegetables, planning a garden is a fun family activity!  Explore your local nursery to pick your plants or seeds. Head out to your yard and let the kids help design and dig!  Keep the family engaged by establishing a water and weed schedule.  Everyone will enjoy seeing the fruits of their labor, and you will enjoy the happy looks on their faces!

Dye Eggs:  Dying eggs is fun for all ages!  A little food coloring and some vinegar and you are on your way.  Don’t be afraid to get creative…stickers, markers, tie-dye, wax markings.  Make your egg an expression of yourself!

Design Landscape Stepping Stones:  Personalize your garden or mulch beds.  Have your family members design their own stepping stones!  Happy faces, flowers, monograms…anything goes when there aren’t any limitations.

Spring Crafts: April showers bring May flowers.  Plan some crafts for those rainy days to keep your family happy!  Your local craft store has many activity kits you could enjoy.  Stained glass, bird houses, wind chimes…These kits can keep your family entertained on a gloomy day, and the final product can be enjoyed all Spring and Summer!

Backyard Fun:  If you’ve read any of my blogs in the past, you know  I love to talk about getting out and being active!  Tis the season for an egg or scavenger hunt.  Play a family game of freeze tag.  Dust off the swing set.  Outdoor activity can keep you happy and healthy, so don’t waste another minute…Get Outside!

All of us at Maronda Homes love the burst into Spring!  Enjoy your family and friends with these Happy Hoppy fun tips!

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