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We’ve already had amazing tech gadgets this year, what else is to come?

Tech talk always starts with Apple, Microsoft and Netflix, oh my! This year has proven to be unlike any other. With technology unleashing everyday, new trends popping up left and right and not to mention the iPhone 6 boom, what more can we expect? There is technology galore, so what is to come?

Recently, Time Warner and HBO just released information regarding their initiation into the digital streaming trend. According to USA Today, “We knew that HBO, which currently has about 30 million U.S. subscribers, was being cagey by not including its most recent programs such as Game of Thrones among the content it made available to Amazon Instant Video subscribers in a deal announced back in April. Now, perhaps, we know why.”

The article continued to say, “Already 55% of U.S. broadband households subscribe to a streaming TV service, according to Parks Associates. As consumer adoption of streaming has boomed and some pay TV customers are trimming — and a few cutting — the cord, content providers have put out feelers for stand-alone services to entice cord cutters.”

Have you ever thought of a robot as a pet? Probably not… but that is where our life is going. According to Ozy.com, “Meet Jr., a consumer robot in development that could soon be an extra set of eyes and ears in your house. Tempe, Arizona-based startup Roambotics is currently beta testing its first version in about 10 to 20 homes before it goes on sale next year. Jr. is a general-purpose robot equipped with cameras, microphones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and autonomous navigation.”

Many are calling Jr. a pet, is that accurate? Well, come 2015, you can decide for yourself. But in the mean time, meet Square. Square is almost an unimaginable App that the world is now capable of using. Only feasible through certain coffee houses, Square works like this:  Mobile payment start up Square is using location tracking technology to synchronize drink prep time with your location. Currently, this is only available in San Francisco and New York, but they are looking to expand.