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The Merriest Christmas Feast

SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN and so is that hectic Christmas week. You’re seeing family every day; maybe you’re hosting the Christmas dinner or you’re traveling across state with presents in hand. It’s very easy to forget the meaning of the Christmas season when you live in a commercialized world. We forget about the little things that make Christmas such a joyous and family-oriented day. The most iconic time of the season is that blessed Christmas morning. The smell of pine tree is in the air, excited children leap out of bed, and exhausted parents  get dragged out of the master bedroom. My parents always managed to make Christmas morning such a memorable experience and it wasn’t just the gifts. It was the spectacular yet charmingly simple breakfast feast that my mother prepared.

You may be thinking that there is no chance you’re about to add another meal to your to-do list. However,  if you do it the right way, Christmas breakfast is the easiest meal of the entire week. Here are 3 tips on making the perfect Christmas morning memory for you and your family.

First, play it smart and meal prep Christmas Eve.

My mother was a busy woman. She raised and homeschooled seven children yet she still was effortlessly able to keep the Christmas morning tradition alive. Her secret was to prepare all of the batter the night before. There was no last-minute trip to the grocery store. The night before she would prepare the batter, unwrap the bacon and sausage, and even pre-mix the scrambled eggs. This meal prep honestly changes the entire mood of the morning. Instead of mom being stressed, she can enjoy the kids while they open presents.

Second, incorporate Christmas. You can make pancakes any weekend of the year. What will you do to make it special on Christmas? Will you use cookie cutters to make Christmas tree pancakes? Will you dye the batter red and green? Could you let the kids sprinkle confectioner “snow” over the final cake stack? One of my mom’s favorites was to put red and green sprinkles in the pancake batter. It gave the batter a sweet punch without it being overpowering.

Third, round up the team. One of the biggest issues I find with special meals is that somehow mom ends up having all of the prep, stress, and clean up left on her shoulders. That is not the Christmas spirit! If your kids are too young to help in the kitchen, agree with Dad beforehand that you’ll split the responsibility of cooking the meal and cleaning the dishes. One year dad can be the chef and the next year he can be on clean up duty. If the kids are old enough to give a helping hand maybe they can even cook for the day!

In conclusion, Christmas morning only occurs one time a year. Food is a wonderful gift that brings the family together. It gives us an opportunity to sit, relax, look each other in the eyes, and share our stories. It gives us an avenue to be creative with our meals and laugh at the mistakes and spills. Sharing this experience doesn’t have to be stressful as long as you get a head start and the whole crew is on board.