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The Power of LinkedIn

Is LinkedIn Worth Your Time…YES!

The power of LinkedIn is unmistakable and has grown tremendously throughout the years. To many LinkedIn is still a new concept, but to the business professionals of the world, it is a lifeline. So if we break it down, let’s learn the benefits.

1. Think about your goals. What is your goal in making a profile?

2. Post a picture.  Of your face. You should have a professional looking headshot as your LinkedIn photo so people can put a name to a face.

3. Use LinkedIn to remember names. How easy is it to check out your future employer’s name and other important faces throughout the company.

4. Make the most of your headline. Not everyone is a “Rocket Scientist”, people are just in the search for jobs. Writing, “Talented graduate seeking internship” is completely acceptable in the world of LinkedIn.

5. Post statuses. Updating your status gives you visibility on your connections’ LinkedIn home page. If you have found something online your business connections would like, or have good news to share about your work, spread the word by posting it on LinkedIn.

6. Write a rich but concise summary. Win over your employers. Your summary is about YOUR accomplishments, not just the job description.

7. Explore LinkedIn applications. Enrich your profile, show your diversity in culture and knowledge.

8. Add sections to your profile. Perfect for those who speak other languages.

9. Connect with care. Just because this is the “Business World”, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be social media safe.

10. Join and participate in groups. Joining a group online is the perfect way to mesh your skills and deliver your own input. That is how connections are made!

LinkedIn is a growing network and many businesses have this outlet, including Maronda Homes! Visit our LinkedIn page for many valuable resources, tips, grand openings and much more!