Just for Fun

Rivals of Rivals Ready to Party

On the field or in your home…be ready for a party

There is nothing better than a rival’s week, high school, college or even professional sports too. Getting your home ready for the big night or week if very important to have the perfect party.

Here are some steps to make the rival week be the party house rival.

Invites- no need for snail mail anymore, just take a pic and click

Prepare- Clean the house, have enough seating, have everything done early and then all you will need to do is bring out the food

Decorate- Nothing says a party like, decoration…customize your favorite Fathead, add cheesy yet fun decoration

Make sure you have the pools ready, no need for money , buy gifts

Drinks: Beer will do, and lots of it, if you want make a signature drink

Menu- Food , prepare some hometown favorites, if your from Pittsburgh than Pierogies !!

Sweets are a must, candy and cupcakes go pretty far!!

Babysitter- I know you didn’t think of this, but it will make your gathering perfect

Favor- Spend a couple bucks and get a koozie, people won’t be able to forget your party.

Did I mention Beverages, and Beverages?


This will help you have a rival weekend, and prepare for the best game ever.