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Summertime Sadness?

Beat the Summertime Blues…

It’s Summertime! My favorite season! I can’t get enough of the sun, warmth and outdoors. But with summertime about to burst, I can’t help but think of all the changes that can make you want to burst! Are your children out of school for 8 weeks?  Do you have children preparing to leave for college in August? Do you sit in an office without real sunlight 8 hours a day? If any of these scenarios sound familiar, I’ve come up with some coping methods!

  • My children are out of school for at least 8 weeks. Yikes! While we all love our bambinos, summer break can lead to parental insanity if not planned carefully. I say keep the kids involved. I give my kids 1-2 weeks to unwind after their final dismissal. After that…ACTIVITIES! Check out your local recreation center or YMCA.  They have day camps for all ages.  Sign them up for a new sport, instrument lesson or academic club. The local library typically offers great summer reading programs to keep their brains fresh! We all love our kids, and I love mine even more when they aren’t in my hair 24/7. Added bonus…Most of these activities are of minimal fees or free! Save that babysitter money for a night out!
  • My child is leaving for college in August. How did I get this old? Mid-life crisis…No Way! Celebrate this awesome milestone. Your child has succeeded! You have parented them so well that they are ready to head out for higher education on their own. Join your child in their preparation for school.  Help to pick out their new bedding and dorm decor. Splurge on some new clothes. Once they are gone…think of all the great ways you can use their former teen angst domain! 
  • My company doesn’t understand that 9 out of 10 doctors recommend Vitamin D! Cubicle got you down? Are you stuck indoors for at least 40 hours a week? Make an effort to get outdoors.  Is there a park nearby where you can enjoy lunch outside or take a walk to break up your day? In the words of Nike…Just Do It! If a mid-day break isn’t possible, then try to take some time outdoors after a long day.  Take a bike ride or a nature hike.  Enjoy a book on your deck rather than turning on the TV. Sunshine can definitely help to de-stress and re-charge for the next day

Summer shall come to an end before you know it.  Your kids will head back to school. Everyone will be finished vacationing and back in the office. SO…enjoy Summertime while we have it! Focus on the positive and don’t get the blues!