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Un “Wine” in Your New Maronda Home

Bigger house, Bigger Wine Collection

Summer is here, and so are all of the fun outdoor activities! This is perfect for all of those who love being outside, enjoying the scenery and even relaxing a bit with a glass of wine. Wine is more than just alcohol, it is a unique entity. Wine is as old as the world it feels like, but having the perfect bottle to compliment your outdoor grilling, or even welcome in your new Maronda neighbor says a lot about your knowledge of the beverage.

Everyone loves traveling to vineyards in the summer and enjoying smooth jazz or sampling some great cheeses, but how about bringing the vineyard to your home? It is easy to build a great collection of wines and have them on display at your home. There is plenty of room for wine coolers or even wine racks in your Maronda kitchen. Are the kids gone? For those who absolutely adore the elegance of learning wine, make your spare room a cigar and wine area, or even a great place for storage!

Becoming you very own version of a sommelier will be fun! Learning and pairing wine with food can be a sport within itself. This is a task that takes many people years and years to decipher and understand fully. It is a gift and great topic over, you guessed it, wine!

Feeling adventurous? Make your own wine. Wine and even beer kits are the latest rave and many are finding the process quite simple. It is fun, easy and a great conversation starter with your friends. They do say a glass of red wine everyday will help your overall health.

Red or wine, dry or fruity, wine is a fun and great way to bring friends together. So sit back, and un-wine!