Maronda 6-Year Lease Guarantee Program








We all know people who would love to sell their current home and buy a new one. For some, their house is too small for a growing family. For others it’s too much to take care of now that they’re empty nesters. And others finally have the income and are ready for the comfortable, spacious home they’ve been dreaming of. Whatever the circumstances, there are thousands of people who are ready to sell their home, but who are stuck because of the tough selling market we’re in; either they owe more than it’s worth or aren’t willing to take a big hit.

That’s where our partner Market Place Homes comes in. They are a company that has partnered up with Maronda Homes to offer a “up to 6-Year Lease Guarantee” on your current home when you buy from Maronda. This is a great solution for those who are dying to take advantage of today’s incredible rates and prices, and those who are just ready to move now. They can buy immediately and wait a few years to sell, so that the value of their current home can increase as market conditions improve.

Those interested should understand that buyers in this program need to qualify for two mortgages (current home and new home). Here are some of the details of the program once you’ve gotten qualified:

  • Your current home will receive a market analysis to determine how much the guaranteed rent payment will be (you’ll continue to receive that minimum amount each month for up to 6 years whether or not the property manager has tenants living there at any given time).
  • Then you can move into your new Maronda Home, and your current home will get leased through Market Place Homes.
  • They’ll manage the property, pay the utility bills, collect the rent, and even cover up to $5000 for tenant repairs.

So they not only guarantee that you’ll have money coming in every month on your home, they make it easy and stress-free for you to rent out your existing home while enjoying a home that works better for you and your family. You’ll love the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is being taken care of!

While this program may not work for everyone, those who do qualify will be sitting pretty in their beautiful Maronda home, while their other home is being leased out and watched over for up to six years. If you are ready to sell before the maximum time then you are free to do so.

Avoid a tough selling market and take advantage of the best buyer’s market in decades! Prices are awesome and interest rates are at record lows. Don’t live in a home you’re unhappy with when you have a way out. It’s time to make your move and this could be the solution that makes it possible for you. When you are ready to make that move that you have been dreaming of, contact one of our community specialist for complete details.

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