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10 Man Cave Must Haves!

Over the decades we have seen the Man Cave evolve from the Den’s of the 60’s and 70’s to the home offices of the 80’s and 90’s to finally the finished basement or garage Man Caves of today. These spaces have been a standard part of the American household for years. Man Caves provide a space for entertainment, relaxation and focus on the fun. If you’re looking to expand your Man Cave you are going to want to make sure that you have the 10 Man Cave Must Haves.

10 Man Cave Must Haves

  1. Storage for Golf Clubs and GearStorage – Your going to want space for your golf clubs, tools, hunting gear, skis, and even that old trunk from college.
  2. Sectional Seating – Sectional couches are open, inviting and a social piece of furniture. they are great for having people over for the game and are especially good for napping.
  3. Wi-Fi – Sometimes your Man Cave is in the bowels of your home and that internet router you got stashed way up in the spare bedroom by the laptop you use to do the taxes won’t send a solid signal down to your new man cave. You will want to be sure that your wi-fi signal is strong so you aren’t running up stairs when you need to make a quick adjustment to your fantasy football team when Peyton Manning suddenly hurts his ankle.
  4. Kegerator – DUH! A kegerator is the hearth of the Man Cave. Keep your favorite import or domestic with in reach and save yourself and the environment some anguish by buying in bulk.
  5. Taxidermy Man Cave DecorAwesome Taxidermy – Whether you are an avid outdoorsman or a tech savant, nothing would make Teddy Roosevelt want to hang out with you and your crew than that 10 point buck or wild boar you snagged last fall hanging in your man cave. (and it’s OK if you snagged him off eBay)
  6. Fridge – Screw the mini-fridge, your gonna be settling in for epic playoff seasons, all poker games and X-box marathons. Its time to ditch the mini-fridge you have been saving since your glory years at State and up your Man Cave cred with a full sized fridge.
  7. Man Cave BookshelfBookshelf – All great Man Caves need to have an intellectual side to balance out the technology and nothing spruces up a man cave like a nice bookshelf packed with a bunch of the classics. Put your favorite books up there and if you aren’t a big reader you can grab a couple of Manly-Must reads like Call of the Wild, Heart of Darkness and the Count of Monte Crisco off of Amazon for a few bucks.
  8. Sound РMaybe your Man Cave is going to be your musical sanctuary. Take that in to account when setting up your sound system or where you are going to stash that old Marshall amp for when you want to shred some riffs with you and the boys. We like the Hercules Wall Hangers,  these great gyroscopic wall hangers that fit almost all guitars so you can keep your axe displayed in comfort.
  9. Man Cave Leg LampDecor – You want to find a theme that suits you; music, a sports team, but most importantly it should be comfortable and reflect YOU. Whatever ¬†your base theme the decor should act as a reflection of your personality, but be sure to include the Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story because… well, it’s a major award!
  10. TV – It all comes down to the screen. A flat screen is a must as it takes up way less room and leaves way more space to hook up your dvd player, sound system and gaming devices. Getting it wall mounted is a nice bonus but not a game changer.