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10 Tips to Organize your Closets

For many people spring is a time of renewal and organization, a time to clean out our closets and but away all of those heavy sweater,and replace them with summer outfit with fun pattern and bright colors. So I thought what a great time to chat about organizing our closets, and we all know what a premium we all put on our closets!

Organization expert Linda Rothschild shares her top 10 tips for organizing your closet. After all, you have to start somewhere in the house!


1. Air it out. Spring means fresh air. Get the cobwebs and the dustballs out of the closet.

2. Give it a facelift. What will make it easier to navigate, extra shelves or another pole?

3. Why not try a fresh coat of paint? You’d be surprised at what a difference it can make! White paint is best to offset the color of your clothes.

4. Add a full length mirror. Looking in the mirror is a very important step in getting dressed.

5. Get a better light. Now that you know where everything is it helps to be able to see it.

6. A run to the Container Store–yeah! Get the necessary tools, like new boxes, shelf dividers and elfa drawers.

7. Change hangers–uniform hangers screams “keep me organized.”

8. Display your jewelry so you see it. If the pieces are not where you get dressed it will end up a big mess.

9. Relocate what does not belong there. Memorabilia, items to return, consign or donate. Keep it moving.

10. Add something that smells good, like a scented sachet or room fragrance.

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