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10 Ways to Make Your Yard a Summertime Oasis for the Kids

My parents always shooed us out of the house in the summertime. It was time to run, play, create, and have fun in the sun. Except for lunch or a snack break, we were out from morning until night. But in the digital age kids live in today, the simple joys of playing outdoors are getting lost. Here are 10 ideas to create summertime fun for your kids and their friends. Before you know it, you too will feel like a kid again!

1. The Swing
If you are fortunate enough to have a big backyard play set, Enjoy! But don’t forget the excitement of simply flying high on a swing. Whether you choose to buy a swing set at the store, or utilize some heavy rope, a wood board, and an old Oak tree, your kids will enjoy this gravity defying activity!

2. The Sandbox
Just because you can’t make it to the beach this summer, doesn’t mean you can’t play in the sand! Whether you purchase a sandbox or make the frame yourself out of wood boards…fill it up, give the kids a shovel & bucket, and watch the fun begin!

3. The Sprinkler
Hook the hose up to a conventional sprinkler or buy the latest lizard, snake, or elephant model in the toy section of most stores and watch the kid’s faces light up! Added bonus…Your lawn gets hydrated at the same time!

outdoor-bowling4. Outdoor Bowling
Collect 10 one or two liter bottles. Have the kids decorate them for fun. Fill them ¼ way with water or sand to add weight. Set your ‘pins’ up on the patio, deck, or driveway; grab a soccer, basketball, or kickball; and bowl away!

5. Backyard Twister
Make a circle cardboard stencil. Get 4 different colors of spray paint. Spay the circles on the lawn in rows of six (just like the popular board game). Grab a spinner from a game you have, or make one out of your remaining cardboard, a straw, a brad to fasten, and start to play! See who is more flexible…You or the kids? Lots of family fun!

6. Pitch a Tent
Whether the kids want to enjoy an afternoon rain shower in the yard or snuggle in at twilight for story time, a tent is always a fun ‘getaway’ for a child!

cornhole-for-charity-129a5967a31fdc947. Lawn Games
Fun for the whole family and easy on the budget. You can find bean bag toss, bocce, badminton, and croquet at most surplus stores for under $20. Your family will be having so much fun together, don’t be surprised if the neighbors stop over to join in on the fun!

8. Obstacle Course
Simply grab anything around the house: hula hoops, a hose, 2 chairs and a broom, beach balls. Set your items up any way you want and have the kids run the course!

9. Outside Art
Why dirty the house with craft projects when you can move them outside. Sidewalk chalk, play- doh, grab an old sheet and some finger paints. Set the kids up on the driveway or patio and watch their creative juices flow!

king-size-mexican-hammock10. The Hammock
Is there a better way to wind down at the end of a busy summer day? Take break in the hammock, enjoy the stars, and talk about all of the fun the beautiful summer day had to offer!



So when your kids are complaining that they are bored…take a look at this list and turn your backyard into an oasis of summer fun!