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2012 – The Year of Yellow

The Washington Post put out it’s annual list of In’s and Out’s for 2011-2012 and guess what – Pittsburgh is officially in! Knocking off Portland as America’s next up-and-coming city, it’s easy for us Pittsburgher’s to see why we made the list. Here are a few reasons why Pittsburgh is our favorite city:

1. Housing values appreciated in Pittsburgh by around 10% over the 2006-2011 period.


That’s the most of any major city, and Pittsburgh was one of only three cities that showed any appreciation in values. This means that the safety of investing in a home has continued to be protected in the Pittsburgh area, even throughout the economic downturn.

2. It’s still the most livable city in the United States

Until we’re told otherwise (a new list IS coming), Pittsburgh is the most livable city in the United States. Of course, that’s something residents could have told you for years, but The Economist was kind enough to recognize that for us nationally. Internationally, Pittsburgh is the 29th best city in the entire world, just edging out #30 Honolulu.

3. It’s growing bigger and better

Estimates for this year show population growth in the Greater Pittsburgh area for the first time in several years, a sign of increasing economic opportunity and growth.

4. We’ve got Batman.

The city of Pittsburgh will be the backdrop of several new movies this year, including The Dark Knight Rises. You can get in on the action, too – production companies always need more extras! The incentives program that brings in big-budget movies does more than just give yinzers an up-close glimpse of the Batmobile – it also brings around $100 million in local economic impact every year.

5. It’s the largest inland port in the United States

With over 200 miles of commercially navigable waterways and connections to the 9,000 mile inland water system of the United States, Pittsburgh is perfectly located to provide plenty of places and easy access for kayaking, sailing, boating, and river boating. Power sports like wakeboarding and waterskiing, as well as easy access to the turbulent waters of the Ohiopyle National Park, provide all of the adrenaline any junky could need.

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6. It’s way more than just Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is within 500 miles of more than half the U.S. population, and 20 states and Canada are within a 90 minute flight. That means Pittsburgher’s have the benefit of nearly half of the continental U.S. and most of North America at hand at all times.

All of us here at Maronda Homes can’t say we’re too surprised that Pittsburgh is the new ‘it’ child, and we’re happy to have had a hand in bringing the area to national attention with your help. We’re all looking forward to a stellar 2012!