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22 Home Buying Questions to Help With Your New Home Search

Often times when looking at new homes it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options that are out there. In the process of finding the right home, there may be a long list of questions you have, or you may not even know where to begin.

The following is a list of helpful questions that will assist you on your new home shopping quest. They may not all apply to your particular search but it’s a good list to build on when walking into a model home.

1. What is the energy efficiency rating of the features of the home?
2. What is the HERS (Home Energy Rating System) score for the home?
3. Is there a homeowners association (HOA)?
4. What is covered by the fee?
5. What kind of warranties come with the home?
6. What are the property taxes for the area?
7. What types of insurance are required for this home or area (i.e. flood, and other special insurances)?
8. What utilities are there for the neighborhood (Electric, natural gas, water, sewer, etc.)?
9. What is the average build time for the community?
10. How many phases is the community broken into?
11. How is the community zoned?
12. Are the roads in the community private or maintained by the city?
13. What are the nearest roads for commuting?
14. What kind of roofing, siding and foundation does the house have?
15. Where are the schools or what are the schools for this community?
16. Where is the nearest grocery store?
17. What is the average home price for the community?
18. Do you have homes that are finished and available now?
19. What is the process if building from the ground up?
20. What kinds of options can be chosen with the home?
21. Are there different elevations to choose from?
22. What kind of deposits are required to write a contract and or build?

This is a good list of questions to start with and they are all questions that can be answered or researched by the Maronda Homes Consultant assisting you with the purchase of your home. Happy home shopping!